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Prabodh Davkhare - NITRRO
I wish Sudhir Ramdas and his team best of luck with his new venture. Backed by over a decade of experience in fitness industry & driven by service oriented attitude, I am sure Sudhir & his team will achieve the pinnacle of success.
Shiraz Siddiqui, Director, Virtus Wellness
It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate Mr. Sudhir Ramdas & his team at Focus Fitness for their excellent, prompt & dependable services. They have been supplying us with innovative, latest &best technologies & equipment, which we can rely on. Keep up the good work!!!
Leena Mogre, Founder – LM Fitness
We have been dealing with Mr. Sudhir Ramdas for the past 8 years since 2005. With Focus Fitness, Sudhir brings to the Fitness Industry – ” A One Stop Option ” catering to the entire needs of a Fitness Centre with a Wide range of cardiovascular and strength equipment along with special gym flooring options and gym locker systems. For the first time, Focus Fitness is offering Equipment suitable for Outdoor Gyms as well as traditional Indoor Gyms
Firdosh Anklesaria, Fitness Expert
Having interacted extensively with Mr. Sudhir Ramdas, we have known him to be a dynamic personality and has been a leading player in the Gym Equipment business in India. He has been highly committed, well planned and proactive in his approach to work and business. We expect that Focus Fitness shall bring in good products and services into the fitness club markets in India that will help enhance the facilities and services provided by operators.I wish Focus Fitness all the best in its endeavors.
Kaizzad Capadia, Director, K11 Fitness Management
A firm, company or an organisation is only as good as the person behind it. Focus Fitness as a sole distributor, authorized dealer of highly reputed International Fitness/Exercise Equipment brands has just entered the market & has yet to prove its track record. But the man behind Focus Fitness, the Founder Director – Sudhir Ramdas is a seasoned veteran of sorts in this field. I have personally dealt with Sudhir many a times over a period of a decade, when he was the main man behind the authorised dealers for STARTRAC. My experience with him till date has always been more than satisfactory. No one understands better than Sudhir, that the relationship with the customer is of paramount importance above all else. He has stood by his products, never faltered on the all important & crucial after sales. Always extended himself beyond the call of duty so to speak as the importer of the machines I have bought over the years. The prices he has offered have always been realistic & fair… never over inflates quotes to leave scope for bargaining (Which always wastes time.). Always offers very satisfactory comprehensive warranties, which clearly shows belief in his own product brands. Never associates himself with inferior brands no matter how tempting the margins may be. Even though FOCUS FITNESS is a new entrant in the industry. I expect all of the above to be true for Focus Fitness as well. This Industry direly needs such honest & credible solution providers. FOCUS FITNESS will surely satisfy that need. We at K11 extend a warm welcome to Focus Fitness & hope to do business with them soon.
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