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These days, people have been making active choices to remain healthy. They indulge in eating healthy meals and working out to their best capabilities. The heath & fitness industry has been booming since this change in mindset. People have now joined gyms to keep up with their bodies and remain fit. There are three types of gyms: commercial, box, or Boutique gyms. The members do commercial fitness routines as they wish since they already have experience. Box gyms are a new type of invention in which the members have a signed up membership and come to the gym to follow a pre-planned workout planned by the trainer. The boutique gym is the most personalized among the rest two. A customer or client who needs help or assistance in their workouts from professionals favour this kind of gym. 

Commercial gyms are the most common type of fitness center that people prefer. In this article, we will guide you through some of the steps on how you can start a commercial fitness center. 

Steps Needed To Start A Commercial Fitness Centre

Being the owner of a gym can be your dream, but before investing in it, you should keep the below mentioned 8 points. These points could help you succeed in making your dream come true. 

Location Of The Gym 

Location is an important factor when starting a commercial center. It would be best to analyze where you want to set up your gym. A person joins a gym if the gym is in a resident or commercial space. You, the gym owner, should check for features such as parking and public transport facilities. If the gym is located where the public is uncomfortable, the business is directly affected. The gym owner should keep in mind the surroundings while starting a gym. 

All Needed Licences 

If you plan to open a gym, you should have valid licenses concerning the gym. If your gym contains amenities like swimming pools, a spa, a steam room, and a locker room, all of these require a legal permit. You also need other licenses such as building permits, tax procedures, etc. 

Gym Planning 

Plan your entire process of how you are going to build your gym. When you are trying to set up a gym, you should be aware of all the gym membership rates, know what equipment is necessary, and how much they cost. Furthermore, you should know about other important activities you could add to make your gym attractive. If you plan on going to a bank or an investor for funding your gym, you should be able to tell them your plans on how well you could manage the money. You also need to figure out what services and type of gym you would create. 

The Hiring Of The Required Staff 

Even though the owner needs to know every gym service, hiring professionals is reliable. Hiring professional staff such as trainers help in different manners. They have years of experience and help spread the word regarding your gym. Having a trainer also polishes and adds more authenticity to your gym. 

Getting The Equipment 

It is a significant and non-forgettable factor while building a gym. Acquiring the best equipment should be your top priority. Pieces of equipment are the primary reasons a person is attracted to the gym. Nowadays, you are given the option of renting/leasing equipment. Buying expensive equipment is not required anymore. They can increase with the number of services you provide. If you plan on setting up the usual & ordinary gym step, the equipment could cost you at least 3 Lakhs. 

Funding The Gym 

You can find the funds to start your gym via banks or investors, or a close one. If you are getting your funds from a close one, you don’t have much to worry about. While if you are applying to a bank or an investor, you need to make them believe in your plans. You should be thoroughly ready with your schedule to receive the funds. A bank or an investor will only provide you with funds if you successfully show them your gym’s potential. Having a sound financial plan only strengthens your gym’s future. 


All of the above features won’t be fruitful if the possible member is uncomfortable. Try making the membership fees reasonable and attractive enough for the client to take an interest. Providing them with the right equipment and extra benefits is a bonus. If the client is satisfied with your service, it only improves your business and promises future growth. Aside from only having the standard gym equipment, other activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cardio workouts, etc., also have the potential to attract more clients.  

Marketing And Promotion

There is constant competition amongst the gyms. You need to market and promote your gym correctly to gain the attention that makes you happy. You can sell using networks such as pamphlets, social media or even word of mouth. Word of mouth is a good option since a happy client spreads the good word about your services. You can promote your gym through merchandise. You could also put occasional discounted offers and packages that could attract more audiences. 

The commercial gym is a very common option opted for by the clients. If you follow through with the points mentioned above, you can have a very successful business. If you need to lease or rent any equipment, you can check Focus Fitness. They help several cooperatives by leasing them quality equipment because they understand the significant investment in purchasing them. Focus Fitness has reasonable and comfortable packages or deals for you. Once completed with the gym part, you can check out the official website of Focus Fitness for equipment maintenance and management services alike.

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