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Leaning and turning on the these equipments increases muscular activation throughout the body.


STEPR was founded in 2021 with a simple goal: to create the best stair climber in the world. We’re passionate about creating products that make people’s lives better, and we’re committed to building a community of connected people who love to climb stairs. If you’re looking for the highest quality stair climber in the world, you’ve come to the right place. STEPR is the best connected stair climber on the market, and we’re always innovating to make our products better.



Marpo Kinetics is the world’s authority on rope training for strength and cardio fitness. Used by fitness and rehab facilities worldwide, Marpo equipment is renowned for its intense and highly customizable workouts, Marpo Rope Trainers have proven themselves to be unparalleled in developing cardiovascular endurance and strength conditioning.



The SKI-ROW AIR by ENERGYFIT is a first of its kind dual-function High Intensity Interval Training machine. Its flexibility, space-saving design, and mobility are ideal for all types of fitness facilities.

The SKI-ROW can be used for rowing-only or skiing-only workouts, but its true value is revealed by enabling mixed-erg workouts and alternative exercise modalities. A simple foot-lever press enables the switch from rower to ski-erg and back in less than 5 seconds.



With lives getting busier, the demands and responsibilities of every individual continues to grow. The need for time to reflect, to be present and to be mindful is greater than it’s ever been. Lindsay G. Merrithew & Moira Merrithew started the company over 25 years ago, They wanted to help people of all ages and fitness abilities lead healthier lives. They recognized the importance of making the mind-body connection. Their premier brand, STOTT PILATES®, in addition to putting Pilates on the map, also played a role in creating a new fitness category – mindful movement.



Stretching is the third leg of the fitness stool alongside cardio and strength. Stretching provides a multitude of well-known benefits from pre-exercise warm-up, better and safer training technique, improved athletic performance to injury prevention and back-pain relief. Even though we all know how important it is, many of us neglect to stretch; perhaps because it takes too long, is too difficult or we don’t know how to do it correctly.

The TotalStretch revolutionizes stretching by allowing users to safely and effectively perform a comprehensive set of stretches all in one place. Seated or standing. From the front or the back



The articulating bike frame and handlebars — exclusive to the RealRyder Indoor Cycle — allow you to lean, turn, steer and balance through three essential planes of motion, becoming fully engaged with the bike, and overall riding experience. Whether you’re a cycling nut or a functional training junkie, the RealRyder Bike offers superior biomechanical, physiological and emotional benefits over your everyday stationary bike.


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